Kitchen Range Choices Made Easy

With the pandemic outbreak, we have come to understand better that “home” is the best place to be. Many families had enough time to build great bound some other took the time to even strengthen their bound. Part of the ways to strengthen family bound is through food and kitchen is the battle field. Many chefs were born during this time and some other fought to remain in their positions as master chefs. This activity may have caused some little damage to your stove or naturally, your cooking top is being to wear out and you might need to get a new one. Or maybe you have decided to replace your cooking range with a more powerful one, and you are faced with making the best choice. 

Now, how do we get started? Chances are that your choices lay between an electrical range and a gas range. Well, here is a quick heads-up. An electric range will fit into any kitchen where you have the right electric line. If you are buying a gas range for the first time, you will need the services of propane or alternatively, you will be needing natural gas.

Replacing your old range with a latest model might be ideal for you but sometimes, you get so little for the price you paid. For instance, some of the convenience which you may be enjoying in your existing range like the preheat light, may not be found in the new model you want to buy. Also, if you are replacing an electric range with a gas range, you will need the services of a plumber; and if it is the gas range you want to replace with an electric range, the services of an electrician will be needed.

Furthermore, you might want to consider getting the induction range as a replacement for your radiant range because the induction range has electromagnetic burners which ensure that only your pots or pans get the heat directly and not the burners. Induction range is durable and faster than all types of cooking range. Although the supply is limited now because of the shortage in appliances and so, it might take a little longer to get your induction range delivered to you.

Things you must consider:


Every range you see in the store has one or two thing which makes it different from the other. Some might be the convenience they provide; other might be their easy installation. The easiest type of range to install is the freestanding range. They are not just easily installed, they wider and has its control panel at the back. Slide-in on the other hand is a type of range that can slide easily in between the cabinets. Its oven control is at the front and it cannot be installed like the freestanding range.


One of the most important things to consider before getting a cooking range is space. You must consider how much space you have at home and what the size of the range you are buying is. The traditional size for bot gas rand and electric range is 30 inches. However, with a custom specification, you might be seeing 42 to 48 inches depending. Nevertheless, we advise that you consider the normal size range (30 inches) since your specification may only include an extra burner or burners and a grill. The good news is that the newer models of ranges come with a power burner and a simmer burner. We have put together our evaluation to help you make the best choice.


The next thing in the list to consider is the capacity of the range. After all, the efficacy of the range is one of the main reasons you are even getting it. For many, it is the oven space that matters. You can get a range with and oven space as low as 2 cubic or one as large as 4 cubic.

Single or Double oven?

Ranges normally come with either one or two oven and it is your choice to make. However, you may need to know that when it has double oven, the lower oven is usually larger than the upper one and double oven is the best if you have more than one food to cook or bake and you wish to save time. We have put together a guide that help breakdown the significant differences and will help you make the best choice.

Gas or Electric? Which One?

Types of range includes: gas, electric and a combination of an electric oven and a cooktop fueled by gas which is call dual-fuel.

Electric Smooth top

Smooth tops are usually electric radiant ranges. They are the frequently selected ranges and they are great for keeping your food warm even after cooking because its center was built to do so. In this range, you can switch elements from a high power one to a lower power one because it comes with dual and sometime triple elements. 

In as much as this type of range will be idea for many, the fact that the burners take some time before settling down after cooking might be an issue for some people.

Electric Induction

One of the major advantages of electric induction range is that it is the cookware that gets heated directly and not the burner because it has an electromagnetic burners. This makes your food to cook faster and with ease because whatever adjustment you may need to make on the burner takes effect immediately.

Electric induction range works perfectly with a magnetic enable cookware. Luckily, many stainless steel pots and pans have it but sadly, some don’t. you might need to go through our advantages and disadvantage evaluation before you buy the electric induction range.

Ranges that are Gas fueled

If you enjoy having multiple burners on your range, then the gas range is the option for you. It can have up to four burners with different sizes all for you comfort. The good thing about a gas range is that you can easily monitor the flame and can almost dictate when at what pressure your food is cooking. Also, if you turn the light down on any burner, the heat on it starts going down almost immediately and the same effect it passed to your cookware. Lastly, you do not have to break the bank to get a gas range because you can get some below a thousand dollar. Check out our guide to understand better.


If you want class and style, the pro style will be your best option. It is iron casted, stainless steel and perfectly insulted ovens. They are very beautiful and will grace your kitchen but the bad news is that they basically do not perform more than the traditional gas and electric range. Secondly, they are more expensive than gas and electric range. In as much as they look sophisticated, its performance is on the average and under the performance of some electric and gas range.

Some features to look out for

When a range has more features, it tends to have a price increase but you must look out for features that will save you time and give you less troubles.