Comparing Electric Range and Gas Range

When you are in need of replacing your cooking range, you will be faced with many options and you might get confused on the way. Firstly, you will want to get something that is better than what you already have or at least in the same capacity with what you are about to replace.

You will have to know that all types of range are special in their own ways and you do not expect to get the same functioning from every type of range. Many adverts and call have said that the gas fueled range is the best to go but you find about 55% of American homes depending on electric range and it is serving them perfectly.

Our rating for cooking range will show that an excellent performance is not limited to a particular type of range (Gas or Electric range). In fact, some electric ranger performs more than the gas range in many cases. It is hard to determine home good a range will perform just by its fuel source.

When replacing your cooking range, it be advised that you have an open mind and learn about what is in the market through our breakdown to enable you make the best choice.

Our method of comparing performance:

You will agree with me that when it comes to cooking range, there are so many types and models to evaluate. For electric range, there is the induction range, smooth top and coil top rang. So we took out the most purchased type of range and we compared. There are the gas range and the smoothtop range to represent electric range. Our test result is based on broiling, low heat, high heat and baking.

High Heat

Every manufacturer around the world and in different fields is always in the competition of bringing new innovation and technology to the market and the manufacturers of cooking range is not left behind. They are always looking for new ways to better the cooking performance of their burners and range.

The faster Range 

In our test result, the gas range did not receive any excellent rating out of the 73 models that was rated, it only have 39 very Good rating, one fair rating and 33 Good rating. While the electric range receive 36 excellent rating out of the 66 models that was rated, no fair rating, just one Good rating and 29 very Good rating. And so, the electric range won this category.

Low Heat

The simmer of every range is as important as to how fast it can cook any food. We sometime forget this and just concentrate on how quickly a burner burns but we actually need our burner low at some point.

The best simmers

The gas range in this category got about 43 excellent rating out of the 73 gas range models that was tested, it also got some Good rating and about 10 fair and poor rating. Electric range on the other hand has about 40 excellent rating out of the 66 tested, with some Good rating and about 17 very Good rating. This makes electric range the winner of this rating too.


It is the desire of every baker to get an even browning when baking a cake and a lofty one too. Only a good oven can ensure this.

The best Baking Range

Here again, the electric range took the lead. More than half of the total rating number got an excellent rating with only a little percent of the total rating number getting just a Good rating and a fair rating. Gas range on the other hand also have about half of its total rating number scoring Excellent rating, with a minor percentage getting a Good and fair rating. In this case, the gap is so small but electric range still won.


The magic of every range gets its source from the broiler they come with. It makes the difference in many ranges.

The Range with the Best Broiler

Sadly, the fact that the gas range has flame did not make the difference as the electric range still won this category too. About 60 percent of the rated numbers for electric range gained an Excellent and a very Good rating with only a few getting the Good rating and no fair or poor rating. The case was different with the gas range because only about 10 percent made it to the Excellent rating, a few more got a very Good and just Good rating and more than half of the total rating number got a Fair and a Poor rating.

If you have not decided which range to get yet, then it will be nice if you check out our buying Guide as it has a well detailed breakdown of all the range available with their advantage and disadvantages well explained.