Guide to Buying the Best Refrigerator

Technology has gone from the conventional refrigerator where you just have your stuffs stored in it and get them chilled, frozen and preserved; to the point where you do not have to open your refrigerator to get a chilled glass of water. Now, you can get a refrigerator that exactly matches the cabinets of your kitchen. You can even find refrigerators now that has children-friendly drawers for their snacks, wine dispenser on the door surface and so on. Our sure guide to buying the best refrigerator will take you through the road of understanding the right specification for you, decision making and help you get the best refrigerator.

Gift your Kitchen the “Right” Refrigerator

It is our job to evaluate, test and educate you on the best refrigerator to help you save some resources.

What is Trending

We do not see refrigerator as smartphones and so, we do not give much attention to their specification but the manufacturers always try to do their best in order to keep up with the market trend.GE for example has built in their French door a technology that can make coffee. Samsung has their French door model and has gone on to build apps which help you find your receipts, play music and even order groceries among other things. LG is not left behind as they have built a technology that can help you see what is inside the refrigerator without opening it through their windows model.

Furthermore, you now have the opportunity to moderate the refrigerator temperature and other setting using an app from your smartphone with the aid of a WiFi. As of 2019, about 9% of refrigerators bought are already making use of WiFi and their owner has reported to be enjoying this new feature. People’s choices and specification comes to play in the statistics of a design of refrigerator being sold more than the other. CR has reported that about 61% of the people that bought refrigerators have chosen a French door design over the side by side design.

Our Refrigerator Rating Scheme

We test the refrigerator thermostat control and also watch out for temperature sameness using our temperature sensors. We also check the compressor of every refrigerator in our lab to ascertain the strength of the compressor. Sadly, most refrigerators do not pass our test and that means they might not be able to work efficiently and you may have your groceries damaged.

Checking the freezer strength is part of our job. We make sure that the freezer retains it ice for the period of time the manufacturer have said. We also check the storage capacity of the refrigerator and also the general capacity of the refrigerator to determine the amount of energy necessary for its effective operation. We compile the results and make it into a catalog-like forms to aid you understand everything you need to know about a particular refrigerator at a glance.

Making a Choice in Your Style

Every customer makes a choice based on many factors. Some of those factors may include; the size of their kitchen, budget, special features of the refrigerator and based on what is trending at the moment. A side by side refrigerator might be wonderful for smaller kitchen while some will go for the bottom freezer because it gives them the convenience of seeing every side of their food while it is in the freezer. Here, we provide you with the things you must keep in mind while making your choice.

Top Freezer

This is the known type of refrigerator, it is the traditional type of refrigerator and its freezer part has the most space to accommodate your storage. The width of this refrigerator is about 33 inches or less in some cases. It doors are wider than the newer modern refrigerators. As the name goes, the freezer is at the upper part of the refrigerator.

Bottom Freezer

This type of refrigerator has its freezer at the lower part of the refrigerator. Its width is about 36 inches or less and may have capacity feet of about 30 cubic. You will have to make your storage at the lower part of the refrigerator which means you have to do a lot of bending down from time to time. Bottom freezer refrigerators cost slightly higher than the top freezer refrigerators. 

French door

If you do not have much space in your kitchen, then it is good if you go for the French door refrigerator. They have slime doors and is space saving. It usually has one or more drawers and has a width of about 36 inches or less. You can easily make use of half of the doors when you have no need of opening all at the same time.

Side by Side

This type of refrigerator has it freezer and fridge sideways. Each of the vertical doors is either for the fridge or the freezer. It also has a door surface water dispenser and has a dispenser for ice too. They have slim doors which are perfect for a small space kitchen but the door wideness may not be enough to easily put in tall and bulk stuff in to the fridge or the freezer at a time. Its width is about 36 inches or less.

Built In

This type of refrigerator could be best described as classy. It comes in design of the all the three types of refrigerators mentioned above. It is built to fit in with your kitchen cabinets and they are exceptionally beautiful. It has width of about 48 inches or less and provides your kitchen with an up to date fashion in refrigerator. You can also check the column fridge for comparison.  

Size Consideration

One of the most important things to put into consideration while choosing the right refrigerator for you is the space available in your home. If your kitchen has limited space, then it is best if you go for a slim refrigerator with slim door. Also, it is nice to consider the packaging, handling and installation processes so that you don’t have to scratch or dent your refrigerator in the process of bringing it in.

With our rating guide, you can find the right size without much trouble. Also, we do an in-depth check to determine the actual capacity of every refrigerator that comes to our lab. This will help you make your choice not only based on the size but also based on its capacity. 

Energy Guide Decoding Label

The amount of energy consumed by a refrigerator goes a long way in promoting the sale of the product or slows it down. Consumers now go for refrigerators with more efficient energy. Here, we make you understand how to get the best energy efficient refrigerator.

We recommend a star rating from the agency in charge of the environmental protection. While shopping for an energy efficient refrigerator, it is nice to watch out for the ratings in their labels. This will help save you a lot of money in the long run. You can get our comparison list to show you’re the difference in efficiency as we have tested.

You will not say “No” to these 5 features

If it is convenience with a touch of class you are looking for, then you may be willing to spend few more dollars to get your desire. French doors are tending now and may remain so for long because they have the capacity to contain more loads and are very durable. You might want to check out our list for more information and to make the best choice.

Tips for Shopping

Like we have said before, the first step in getting a good refrigerator is determining the model you want, the brand you want, the specification you desire, the space you have available and your budget. Once all these are in place, you then look for the right place to do your shopping. Waiting for a holiday sale will always be your best option if you want to get the refrigerator at a lower price. Black Friday always offers the lowest price because once it is getting to the end of the year, stores tends to lower the prices of appliances and it goes it lowest during Black Friday.

But sadly you might have the need for a refrigerator before the black Friday or any other holiday sale and you may not have the patience to wait for a holiday sale. In this case, we recommend any accredited dealer around you. And you should always look out for appliances specifications and warranty if you are buying online. This will help secure you against damage and if what you ordered was not exactly what you got. In a situation where you must shop during shortage, you must have to scale your order of preference properly starting from the feature you need most in a refrigerator.