A Guide to Buying the Best Dryer

Dryer are as important as a washing machine but most times, we give all the credit to the washing machine alone. Forgetting that without a durable dryer, the washing machine will not be a total package of convenience and will not save you a lot of time as it promised.

There are so many types and colors of dryer in the market today; and as such, their capacity differs. A lot of innovation and improvement has happened to the manufacturing of dryers this few years. Manufacturers put in a lot of work to make sure that dryers get better for our convenience. With our guide for buying the best dryer, you are certain to make the best choice during your purchase. 

Between an electric dryer and a gas dryer, which one gives the best performance?

One of the frequently asked questions is: which performs better between an electric dryer and a gas dryer? This is a perfect question especially if you are buying a dryer for the first time. However, it is good to understand that dryers have 4 components and a graded with that. The components includes; tumbling, heat, time and airflow. In measuring this, we found out that both electric and gas dryers perform the same but you can find their difference in their prices.

An electric dryer cost about $60 less than a gas dryer but know that there are different fuel cost for different region. And so, electric dryers may eventually cost you about $20 a year as you use it. Furthermore, it might be capital intensive trying to switch from your existing dryer type to another; for instance, you are switching from an electric dryer to a gas dryer or vice versa, getting an electrician or a plumber to install it might cost you up to $500 and more depending on the work needed.

For cloth dryers, what is the capacity needed?

The capacity to consider while buying a dryer includes the size in cubic feet and the depth of the dryer. An average dryer is about 5.8 cubic feet while the larger one is about 7.3 cubic feet. Their depth includes 25 inches and about 30 inches deep respectively. While buyer a washing machine which is paired with a dryer, make sure that the maximum load of the washer can be accommodated by the dryer.  

What is the variation of dryers in size?

Standard Dryers

A 27 wide dryer is considered a standard dryer. It could me about 36 inches high, it depth is about 26 inches deep. Some standard dryers could be 7 cubic feet and about 30 inches deep.

Compact Dryers

This type of dryer is a little bit smaller than the standard dryer, it is about 24 inches wide and 34 inches high. They are not available in gas; they are only electric type of dryers.  

What to consider about installation when making a dryer choice:

Duct Run Length

In order to take away heat and other waste, the standard dryer needs exhaust vent. This requires a good duck work to enable an optimal performance.

Standard Vent for Dryers

Bottom or side vent is considered the standard vent for dryers because it aids the performance of the dryer and reduces duct runs. Unfortunately, not every dryer is vented by the bottom or the side, so you will need to check it out before buying. For the ones that can be vented from the bottom or side, you need to seal the rear vent and make a knockout at the bottom or side and you are good to go.

A Condensation Dryer

Outside venting sometimes is not possible because of the structure of the house and so, condensation dryers are advised. In this case, the moisture and heat are turned into liquid (water) and are accommodated in a container which is drained from time to time. A condensation dryer takes longer time to dry and are usually more expensive.

Options to consider:

Door Swing

Getting a dryer with a door swing is one of the most convenient because allows the quick and easy transfer of cloths. You might also want to take a look at the top loaders.

Stackable Laundry

This allows for the stacking of cloths either before or and after laundry. If you have limited space or you are looking for a way to conserve space, getting a washing machine that is stake kit compactible is perfect for you. Although the stake kit is purchased separately, they do not cost a fortune and they are easily installed. 

Accessories for your dryer unit:


If you like some feature of you washer done your way, Miele and ASKO can make a door front as you request. A washer and a dryer with is built for front load and are stackable are usually flat on the top and are installed under folding counters.

Laundry Pedestal

If you want to raise your washing machine or dryer a little high for your convenience, then you should get a pedestal. Some washers are deep and reaching to the bottom may require a lot of bending that will stretch your back. A pedestal will make it easy for you to get to the bottom with ease.  

Available designs and color you may choose from

Manufacturers are always in a race of making the most sophisticated washing machines and dryers. We now have washers with a readout screen, control panels that you don’t have to touch, and shiny knobs just to mention but a few.

The colors have gone from the conventional white color to more colors like champagne, blue, gray and so on. Sometime it is even hard to make a pick from the colors available in a store.  

The effect of steam on the performance of the dryer

For a fresher smell and reduced wrinkling in cloths, steam drying is a better option. It makes use of water which is added to the dryer steam unit, it heats the water into steam and passes the cloth to the drum which is the last chamber.

Some latest and unique enhancements of today’s dryer

  • Moisture Sensor –To detect the level of moisture in the cloth, the moisture sensor helps stop the drying season by sending a signal. This helps prevent the damaging of the cloth from overheating.
  • Drum made of Stainless Steel–Manufacturers now go for drums that are resistant to discoloration and smell. To achieve that, they go for stainless steel drums. A drum made of stainless steel is likely to consume less electricity, and are not easily damaged.
  • Temperature Settings –With this feature, you can set your dryer to the temperature of your choice. It is easy to control how much pressure your cloth is receiving.
  • Extended Tumble –With extended tumble, your cloth will not suffer wrinkles. You can stop the heat and tumble for about 25 minutes after drying.
  • Drying Rack –Sometime you will notice that the cloths tumble during the drying season, a drying rack help prevents that. Also, you can dry some specific cloths there like your hat and even sweaters.  

 The meaning and use of a Drying Cabinet

A drying cabinet is an appliance used instead of the traditional dryer to dry some cloths like sweater and other heavy material.

It helps to prevent the damaging of clothes which maybe cause by too many tumbling by the dryer. It also dries cloth 3 times faster than traditional line method. It is not wider than 24 inches and it can fit perfectly into your closet.

How to ensure my new dryer protection

Some manufactures give up to 12 months limited warranty others may offer up to 18 months warranty. Our Guarantee offers a full coverage of the functioning of your dryer for the period of the warranty and up to 3 years. Be rest assured that it will be functioning perfectly just as it is the day you purchased it.