Tips For Buying the Best Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System

Making home as comfortable as possible is a very important task. One of the ways to achieve this is by getting an efficient air conditioning system but sadly, people end up getting this comforted by their air conditioning system at home. This why you must make a careful decision while buying HVAC (heating, ventilation and air condition) system.

Many of the new HVAC are usually not installed properly

The most important day of an air conditioner’s life is the day of its installation. This is the major cause of poor performance in this type of system. When this system is not properly installed, the house owner may experience high humidity, inadequate air circulation and it may reduce the lifespan of the system.

Because of the importance of an air conditioning system in almost every home, nothing is as exasperating as getting it installed improperly. Because you will likely not get the comfort you need out of it.

The average lifespan of a new unit is between 15 to 20 years

This is why you need to do a very good research before deciding on the best unit for your home. You also might want to consider replacing your old unit to an enhanced energy saving one.

To make the best decision on this, we have put together a road map that will guide you through the process.

Things you must put into consideration before buying your new unit:

Seek a professional contractor

 When an air conditioning system is badly installed, its efficiency is reduced. Getting the right contractor for your installation is a very importance factor for an increased lifespan of the unit. You must make sure to get an A rated contractor. To achieve this, you need to choose from two or more contractors and also check if they are certified by your local organization in charge of that. Lastly, some manufacturers do write down the installation and maintenance processes of an air conditioning unit in their warranty. Make sure your contractor also checked out for this.

Online buying

Buying your unit online may save because they might be some coupon which allows you to buy some brand for some amount off, and then you will only have to pay a contractor for the installation. However, we advise that you contact a professional contractor before proceeding with the buying. This is because you may not know the actual size that fits your home, you may not understand the ductwork needed for the installation, and you may not know how to get the necessary permits for your installation. Because of these reasons, some professional contractors will not want to install your unit to avoid improper installation and some other will charge more if they have to install a unit you already bought. Many contractors will prefer an all-inclusive installation where they will have to buy and install the air conditioning unit for you.

The size of the air conditioning system

One of the needs for a professional contractor is to ensure that you get the right air conditioner size for your home. If you get the wrong size for your home then you may be faced with many issues like; not having your house properly cooled if the size is too small for your home and a high utility bill if the size is too big for you home because it will be wasting energy. Also, your contractor needs to do a load calculation even when you are just replacing your old model.

Load Calculation 

Your contractor needs to calculate the capacity of your home because you will have to buy its matching capacity when purchasing an air conditioning unit. Load calculation may include, considering the size of your home, the appliances you have at home, even the material your roof is made of and the climate zone. You may also want to do an energy audit. You will have a discount if you do the load calculation and energy audit together.

SEER Rating

The higher the SEER rating, the greater the SAVINGS!

You will be looking out for an air conditioning model which rated 14 and above according to SEER rating. They are energy efficient and will be in line with the requirement of the United States Department of Energy.


If you hope to cut some cost in your utility bill, then you must have to go for the high efficiency model. The high-efficiency models are slightly costlier that other models but they save more in energy. You will have to check the label Energy Star when buying.

Annual Maintenance

Many manufacturers have stated the maintenance processes of each model in the owners guide; make sure you follow the processes listed for maximum effect. Also, professional contractors already know the right maintenance for your air conditioning unit and are they to give you the best. Now to ensure that your unit is always in the right shape and is functioning effectively, it is important to always run an annual maintenance on it.

Shop Off-Season 

You will likely get the best deal when you shop off-season and then you shop on a pro season like the black Friday and all.

To get the best air conditioning system for your home, you will need to put in some work of research and decision making. We have put together a guide to help you in your decision making. With our guide, you can be sure to get the best service air conditioner, know what to look out for when getting a contractor, and get the right size for your home.