Best Washing Machine Buying Tips

This is how you get the best washing machine for you and within your budget. If you thinking of getting a washing machine for your home, then you must know that you need all the information you can get because they cost good money and you are going to have it serve you in your home for a long time.

In order to bring the secret of the market to your door step, we had a chat with some market analysts and experts from different manufacturing brands which includes; LG, CR and GE. They shared they insider advice which may guarantee that you make the best choice in choosing a washing machine and you can find that below.

We took our time to test over 100 models of washing machine and see how effective each of them are. With our review and maintenance advice, you can trust that your washing machine will perform excellently and last long.

Latest Models are Not Always the Best

The common understanding is that the newer model of every product and appliance will come with the latest technology and will be more effective. This may true but it is important to that they are usually more expensive that the older model. Also, it might interest you to know that it takes about five years for any model to be phased out that means the old model of about 2-3 years old might still have the same features with the latest model, only the design may be changed.

Store owners understands this consumer psychology and so, they present their latest model in a way it will get your full attention and then move the older model to a spot where you don’t easily get to see it. Also, shopping for older model online may be difficult because the online store may have been updated and the old stocks taken away. So it is best if you get to a physical store and search for it.

Reduced prices may be tempting, don’t fall for it

Sometime with the hype of advertisement and marketing strategy, you may be lured into buying a cheaper washing machine. If you fall for it, then you might be on your own to making one of your biggest mistakes in your choice of appliances. We advise that you spend a little more but make sure you get the best. We recommend front loaders although they cost more, they clean better than others.

Washing machines are not what you buy every day. When you buy them, you expect it to last for a very long time and if it means expanding your budget a little just to get the most durable, then it’s worth it.

Watch out for the so called “Exclusive” models

The word “exclusive” have dramatically increased the prices of some washing machine which has little or no difference from its competitor. We have come to understand that the retailers actually add that word as a promotional strategy and have them displayed in a way that attracts your attention.

 No manufacturer will make a totally different washing machine for a particular retailer. They might add just a little changes and that’s all. You may want to check at different stores to enable compare the prices and get the best offer.

Why pick only white?

Colors might not mean so much to you until you have to choice from a variety of them. Apart from manufacturing great washer, manufacturers are also dedicated now to adding amazing color that might get you confused. Some of the colors include, black stainless, sapphire blue, real stainless, and champagne among others.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to find all the colors in a single store but be sure to find a number of them. Also, the colors you choice might mean a few more dollars to the price of the washing machine but the taste it classy.

Make an extra budget

Do not always make a fixed budget when you plan to buy a washer. You should make an extra room for venting kits for example and maybe for haul away too. Do not forget that not all stores offer free installation and that could cost you a few dollar too.

However, if your budget is so tight, you may have to check more stores to see if they offer for free some of the things that may cost you more like haul away.

The more capacity, the bigger machine

Space is always a factor to consider when buying any appliance. The conventional washing machine is about 27 inches wide but the newer models of washer are now wider than that. This is why it is important to have an exact measurement of the space available because you might not be able to dismantle the doors or other component of the washing machine in order to get it to the spot you need it to be in your house.

Nevertheless, getting a bigger washing machine means that you will be able to do more loads and save more time. They are not just bigger, they are also taller. They are usually more efficient and save energy. So you might just want to make enough space for it and buy it after all.

Convenience should always be part of the plan

After all necessary researches has been made as per which washing machine will be best for you and where to buy at a good price, it is important to consider how conveniently you can use the washer. If you are making your pick between a front loader and a top loader, you have to consider some home convenience factors like; does your home door open opposite the spot you installed the washer? That is for the front loader, and for the top loader, are you able to reach to the bottom of the washer because it may be a little deeper than you imagined.

You also consider the frequent bending you have to do for a front loader and see if it is too low for you, and then you might want to get a pedestal to lift it a little higher.

Tested Top washers

As a CR member, you have the opportunity to go through our tested washing machines; you can read about our reviews, customer testimonies, our best sellers and so on. We have made a thorough review of the top loader, and also the front loader washing machine and you can easily read through and make the best choice as always.